Greenwich Square is an exciting new residential address created around a vibrant public square, including leisure facilities, a range of retail amenities and providing a diverse mix of apartments, maisonettes and townhouses.

Hadley Mace

Why will Hadley Mace be able to deliver the regeneration?

The Master Plan for the scheme remains an exemplar of urban planning and its complementary blend of residential, commercial and community facilities will ensure its long-term viability. Hadley Mace has secured the investment to ensure the development can now be delivered.

Who are Hadley Mace and do they have the necessary skills to deliver a scheme of this complexity?

Hadley Mace brings together the development expertise of Hadley Property Group with the technical skills and construction delivery expertise of Mace Limited, to create a team which has all of the skills necessary to deliver the scheme. Whilst the joint venture is new, the individual businesses have extensive track records of delivering high quality developments. Founded in 2000, Hadley Property Group is a privately owned property company which undertakes development projects on its own behalf as well as on behalf of some of the UK's leading banks.

Founded in 1990, Mace has delivered some of the world's most impressive projects across 65 countries. Current UK projects include The Shard, the Tate Modern extension and the Emirates Air Line.


Why has it taken so long for the regeneration of this site to be delivered?

The agreement between the previous developer, First Base and the government (The English Partnership) did not proceed as a result of the economic downturn. The Homes and Communities Agency (former English Partnership) retendered the project in 2010 to its Development Partner Panel of which Hadley Mace is a member. The Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) explicitly required the delivery of the approved planning scheme. Hadley Mace was formally confirmed as the developer for the scheme in February 2012. Construction work commenced on site at the end of March 2012.

I have heard that the Homes & Communities Agency is transferring to the Greater London Authority. How will this affect the development?

From 1 April 2012, as set out in the Localism Act 2011, the Mayor of London became directly responsible for strategic housing, regeneration and economic development in the capital. The Act devolved the powers and responsibilities of the HCA in London to the Mayor, this includes the former Greenwich District Hospital site. Therefore, the Mayor of London is now responsible for this project and its delivery will be managed by the Greater London Authorities, Housing and Land Directorate.


What has been approved to be developed on the site?

What has been approved to be developed on the site? The scheme for the former Greenwich District Hospital site was originally devised by the government's urban regeneration department, The English Partnership and developer, First Base with partners the Royal Borough of Greenwich and the Greenwich PCT. First Base employed a range of specialist advisors to assist in preparing the scheme for the site and planning approval was granted in March 2009.

The planning approval allows:

  • 645 new homes including apartments, maisonettes and townhouses across 5 main blocks
  • A new community facility known as the Greenwich Centre inclusive of a gym, swimming pools, GP practice, library, customer service centre, café and crèche
  • Several retail areas
  • A new public piazza, landscaping, new roads and car parking A central heating plant to provide hot water and heating to the project

What types of housing will be available?

The Planning approved provides for the development of 645 homes.

Hadley Mace's first release was early 2013.

Hadley Mace will be selling a total 331 homes including 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, 3 bedroom maisonettes and 4 bedroom townhouses.

London + Quadrant will also be offering 314 homes being a combination of "shared ownership" or otherwise known as "part rent/part buy" and through its "Up to You" scheme provide "rent to purchase" opportunities.

What retailers will be present?

The planning approval permits the creation of approximately numerous retail space with approximately half of the space being provided around the new public piazza and the other along Woolwich Road.

Hadley Mace is seeking to attract a convenience supermarket, cafes and restaurants as well as other daily services for the enjoyment and convenience of residents and the community.

Will the project deliver any meaningful benefits to the local community?

The regeneration will deliver tangible benefits to the existing community including 645 homes, new shops and commercial space, as well as community facilities within the Greenwich Centre. There will also be a modern health centre provided by the Greenwich PCT. A new public piazza is also provided creating additional open spaces for the community.

Will the development lead to a loss of other facilities within the borough?

No facilities will be lost. The scheme is wholly about bringing new and improved homes and services to local people. For example, the new Greenwich Centre will house a bigger and better local library, as well as a first-class leisure centre with brand new swimming pools. The health centre is designed to replace the existing Vanbrugh centre.

What will the public piazza offer?

A major feature of the scheme was the approval of a 2,500sqm (25,000 sq ft) public piazza. Hadley Mace has engaged landscape architects, Outerspace to refine the scheme for this space and create a range of passive and active recreation opportunities through various seating and a children's play area and public art.

The piazza has been designed to also provide the opportunity for public events to be held should the community so desire.

Landscaping in the form of ground covers, shrubs and semi-mature trees will be planted throughout the piazza to create an enjoyable and attractive space for the community. Outdoor seating opportunities are also provided within the space for the adjoining cafes and restaurants to enable people to enjoy the ambience of the piazza.

The public piazza will become a valuable asset adding to the amenity of the area and be a major feature of the project.

What other landscaping is being introduced?

Two communal parks of a total area of approximately 1,500sqm (15,000sqft) are provided as part of the apartment complexes for the benefit of the residents of those apartments.

Semi-mature street trees will be introduced into the new streets together with two pocket parks containing a feature tree and seating.

Will the homes created in the scheme be affordable for local people?

The mixed-use development is designed to meet a wide range of housing needs and includes a wide variety of tenures and housing types. In addition, the private residential element of the scheme will include a range of apartments, penthouses, maisonettes and townhouses therefore providing diverse choice to the marketplace.

Nearly 50% of the residential homes on the site are allocated as affordable housing and will be offered through London & Quadrant's "shared ownership" or otherwise known as "part rent/part buy" and through its "Up to You" scheme provide "rent to purchase" opportunities.

What is the Greenwich Centre and what services will be provided?

The Greenwich Centre will be a new Royal Borough of Greenwich facility consisting of:

  • a Customer Service Centre
  • a library
  • a leisure centre, inclusive of two swimming pools and a gym,
  • a crèche and cafe.

Will there be any new health services provided?

There will be extra space within the Greenwich Centre which will allow for the commission of new services. These services have yet to be agreed and will be developed with local clinical commissioners and patients.

What other health benefits will there be for local people?

The new leisure centre will include a swimming pool complex and gym that local people will be able to use to improve their health and wellbeing. For people with long term conditions, the health centre will work with the Royal Borough of Greenwich to provide joined-up services to help people manage their condition.

What car parking is proposed?

The scheme submitted at planning included the provision of approximately 190 spaces within the basement of the apartment block located centrally within the site (known as Block 3). The planning approval obligates Hadley Mace to provide specific allocations of car spaces to some residents of the development and staff of the Greenwich Centre.

In addition, approximately 60 spaces at-grade will be provided within the two new public streets being created within the development including disabled bays and loading bays. A car club is to be introduced as part of the scheme with dedicated car club spaces being provided within the road network.

As part of the planning approval, the Royal Borough of Greenwich has stipulated that the new public roads are to form part of the controlled parking zone and only the 40 townhouses located at the southern end of the site will be permitted to apply for a local parking permit. All remaining residents are to park within the centrally located basement car park or will not be provided with parking. Hadley Mace and London & Quadrant are obligated to advise prospective purchases of the apartments or maisonettes that they will not be permitted to apply for a parking permit within the local Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ).

Over 900 bicycle spaces are also provided, as well as spaces for a car club and motorcycles.

During construction all contractors will be required to park on site.

Will Hadley Mace be making any changes to the Masterplan?

Hadley Mace is fully committed to the fundamentals of the Masterplan devised by Make Architects. This includes the new Greenwich Centre, the healthcare facilities, new homes and the new public open spaces.

How can I obtain details on the approved planning scheme?

The most appropriate way to obtain a copy of the approved scheme is via the Planning Department at the Royal Borough of Greenwich. The Borough has also made a range of documents available via its website.

Please refer to this for planning documents.

Will this development create new local jobs?

All partners are 100% committed to providing benefits for the community that extend beyond the development of the scheme. As well as being committed to employing local contractors and tradesmen, the project delivery partners will work with the National Apprenticeships Service (NAS), Greenwich Local Labour and Business to bring forward a range of skills and training initiatives and opportunities.


What is the Contractor?

Hadley Mace has appointed Mace Limited as the main contractor for the project and will be responsible for all construction related activities.

How long will the construction works take?

The site is a complex, large-scale regeneration project and will therefore be delivered in phases. It is anticipated that the first new homes and the Greenwich Centre will be completed in 2014. Overall completion of the development is scheduled for 2017.

What are the hours of construction?

The planning approval stipulates that demolition, earth removal, piling work and any mechanical building operations are only to be carried out between the hours of:

Monday to Friday: 08:00am - 6.30pm

Saturdays: 08.00am - 1.00pm

No work is permitted on Sundays and Bank Holidays, unless otherwise agreed in writing with the Royal Borough of Greenwich. Any operations required out of the above times shall only be undertaken following consultation with adjacent neighbours and the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

Construction Programme Overview

Townhouses on Vanbrugh Hill and Calvert Road will commence late 2015 and be completed in 2016.

At present the central apartment block, known as Block 3, will be the last phase of construction and is expected to be completed by late 2018.

How will the site be made secure?

Mace is responsible for securing the site whilst it is a construction site. As part of this, new hoarding has been erected with new gates. Security will monitor the site outside construction hours.

CCTV will also be in use both during construction and as part of the completed scheme.

Site Access - How will traffic be managed?

Mace will be responsible for traffic management of deliveries to and from the site and activities of its contractors.

At times during the construction there will be partial footpath and/or road closures that will be managed by Mace Limited in accordance with the Council's highway regulations. Bus stops, bike racks, light poles, telephone boxes and other structures may need to be removed and / or relocated to accommodate the project. Hadley Mace Will liaise with the relevant authority to facilitate these works.

Due regard will be exercised with respect to ensuring the general public and project neighbours do not come into conflict with site vehicles and site operatives. For each project, Mace develops a unique plan specifically dealing with the site, area and neighbours in question. Mace will seek to keep such disruptions to a minimum, however as some of the buildings have been approved to be built on the site boundaries of Woolwich Road and Vanbrugh Hill footpath closures will be inevitable. The first access route to the site will be from Vanbrugh Hill. Once the enabling works are complete, the temporary road will exit the site on to Woolwich Road and a one-way system will be put in place. At present the Woolwich Road route will only ever allow traffic out of the site.

Signage will be set up to alert both the public and delivery drivers of the site access points. These signs will be located around the hoarding and at the main gates. Hadley Mace has instructed its contractor, Mace Limited that it is not permitted to utilise the "gap" along Calvert Road for construction access. It will also not be an access route for the completed development.

What types of vehicles will be driving in and around the site?

Typical construction vehicles on this site would be six wheel flatbed lorries and concrete wagons, which have an average size of an articulated lorry. All vehicles used at the site will be driven by responsible, highly qualified drivers.

How will deliveries be made to the site and where will workers park during construction?

Initially, contractor vehicles and deliveries will enter the site from Vanbrugh Hill and will depart to Woolwich Road as development progresses. Contractor vehicles will be parked on site.

What about the condition of the road?

Mace has carried out detailed surveys prior to the commencement of works at the site. These surveys are substantiated by photographic records that have been agreed by the Royal Borough of Greenwich Council.

Any subsequent damage that is proven to be from construction traffic will be rectified by Hadley Mace.

How will the site and surrounds be maintained?

Mace Limited will be responsible for ensuring that the site and surrounds are adequately maintained during construction. A wheel washing facility will be provided on site to clean delivery vehicle tires during the early stages of construction. Hoarding will be regularly cleaned and maintained. Mitigation measures will be in place to minimise dust emissions. In addition, the contractor, Mace Limited, will undertake regular sweeping/cleaning of adjoining roads and footpaths to ensure minimal nuisance and hazard to the area.

How will noise be managed?

Specific control and monitoring measures will be put into place to ensure that construction activities have the least possible impact on adjoining neighbours and are within permissible levels. Mace shall aim to keep all activity within working hours and will endeavour to notify local residents before any intensive work shall commence.

What kinds of safety measures are being taken?

Safety is very important to us and we maintain a firm stance on ensuring that safety and security measures are taken seriously by all those on site. Mace run a dedicated campaign named 'Safety first. Second nature.' throughout all of our sites to help provide key safety processes and constant reminders to workers.

The areas where construction activity merges with the public will be cordoned off with signage in place and marshalled by construction operatives to ensure public safety.

How is Construction Waste and Recycling being handled?

Hadley Mace is committed to delivering a highly sustainable development, a principal element of which incorporates the minimisation of construction waste and maximisation of the use of recycled materials where possible. Mace is committed to site waste management targets in line with the Governments" Halving Construction Waste to Landfill" Initiative, and will be actively auditing and monitoring the generation and movement of all construction waste on-site to keep landfill materials at a minimum. Part of the initiative includes avoiding the removal of soil from the site during construction preparation.

As part of the overall development objectives, Hadley Mace also will seek to maximise the use of pre-fabricated building elements to minimise on-site waste generation and are committed to achieving BREEAM and CEEQUAL awardsindustry best practice standards that advocate the use of recycled materials. This is a key element of our design approach to the scheme.

How will Hadley Mace make contact with those properties surrounding the site regarding the boundary walls?

We are currently reviewing the conditions of boundary walls and depending upon their condition may discuss this matter with you in the future.

Communication & Further Information

How do you intend to keep local people informed / Consultation?

Hadley Mace and its partners the Greater London Authority, the Royal Borough of Greenwich, the Primary Care Trust and London & Quadrant are committed to open and regular dialogue with its neighbours to ensure there is no miscommunication or misunderstanding and to provide regular updates on the project's progress.

Hadley Mace are also in the process of developing a permanent website for the project that will provide information on the project which will be regularly updated as the project progresses.

A regular project newsletter will be issued providing updates on the scheme as it progresses.

A marketing suite is to be erected in 2013 and Hadley Mace will also use this space to conduct future community events.

Who do I speak to regarding construction or development activities?

In the first instance direct your enquiry to